The Ferrari Macnab Offers The New FF The Chance to Earn its Stripes

A new Ferrari always sparks much debate in the piston loving fraternity and the FF is no different. However, a recent challenge undertaken by a field sports television channel has put the new model through its paces in a unique way.

The Ferrari Macnab

For those that aren’t aware, a Macnab involves the shooting of a red stag, a brace of grouse and catching a salmon all in the space of 24 hours. But to make things more interesting due to the aid of a sports car with a top speed of 208mph, the team decided to stalk their stag in Cornwall, shoot their grouse in Yorkshire and then head to the United Kingdom’s most northern river, Thurso, for their salmon.

Easier Said Than Done

The man tasked with the challenge of achieving this ‘Ferrari Macnab’ was leading field sports editor Dan Holtom, who saw the stag and grouse as the fun bit but was less confident about catching a fish he had no experience of whatsoever. With his first two objectives safely in the bag, he headed to the only place he could think of to help him with this arduous task.

John Norris of Penrith

Holtom called in at the most reputable fishing accessories store he could think of to get some expert advice and the very best equipment to store in his Ferrari FF. Conceding that they were indeed “more than a shop”, he managed to pick the brains of their expert staff and acquire a top of the range rod, reel, line and fly fishing flies. Just to allay his reservations, he was told that Salmon fish do not even feed in fresh water –making them the hardest fish to catch.

The Long Road to Thurso

With all the guidance and gear he needed, Dan then started his seven and half hour journey from Penrith to Scotland. Don’t forget of course, that when or indeed if he manages to achieve his Ferrari Macnab, it will be a 750 mile journey back home.

To find out how he got on with all aspects of the challenge, there is a great video on the Field Sports Channel website. This shows the great Ferrari FF in all its glory, all the hunting action and some interesting fishing advice.

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