Lake Guerrero, Mexico

The Trophy “Bass Capital of the World” can be found 150 miles south of Brownsville, Texas. Best chances for trophy Bass, (8 Ibs to 13 Ibs), are in the months of January through March. Secondarily, October and November are great get-away months with good trophy potential and great weather.
The new moon phase is a consideration in trophy hunting for scheduling purposes, so plan accordingly if possible. Full moon phases can work in your favor as long as cloudy conditions or rain prevail. There is no bad time to Bass fish, but some times are better than others, i.e., moon phases. Early morning, prior to sun-up is a critical period in the day’s fishing plan and then again mid to late afternoon.
lake guerrero mexicoThere are several camps and resorts on the lake and all require a 15 to 25 minute drive to the boat launch, except one.

We recommend “Big Bass Lodge” as the camp of choice. Not only because of proximity to the lake, but food quality and service is unequalled in Mexico. For reservations, call 1-800-531-7509.

Quality tackle is a must here as big Bass will surely test it’s workmanship. We recommend and use American rods by St. Croix in the medium heavy actions (medium sized tackle will cost you fish). Shimano reels make the best drag systems and the most reliable casting product in the industry. The Curado, Calcuttta and Chronarch series are designed to handle big fish and cast for the long haul.

A variety of lures work well, so if you are accomplished at one or two types of presentations, i.e., Top Water, Jig and Pig, Spinner Baits, Cranks, worming or carolina Rigging, then be well supplied in those areas. Colors in plastics that work in every season are pumpkin, chartreuse and red. In cranks and traps, crawfish, chartreuse, fire tiger and chrome colors are steady winners. Top water color selections would be chrome, chartreuse and white.

There are as many fishing lines out today as there are fishermen. If you are a traditionalist, Ande and Big Game monofilament, then 20 to 30 lb test will do the job. If you are more adventurous, Spiderwire, Fireline and Fusion will enhance your fish catching ability, but at a higher price in the same tests as monofilament.

Costs of going to “Big Bass Lodge” are as follows: $190.00 per day, per person, which includes 3 meals, boat, motor, gas, guide, pop, beer and all the marguerites you can handle.

Transportation for Brownsville to camp is $125.00 per person with beverages included. Fishing licenses are $20.00 which can be purchased in camp. The only extras are tips for the guides ($10.00 per day) and maid service tipping ($5.00 per day).

Passports are recommended, but a picture I.D. or copy of your birth certificate will suffice.

You are allowed to bring a trophy fish home, but with today’s technology, reproductions are most desirable which allows the fish to be returned to the water and your memory of the catch can be captured in a truly authentic and beautiful piece of art form. Guperior Sport Fishing offers these Bass reproductions as well as other trophies.

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