Lake Guri, Venezuela

An hour’s flight from Caracas, Venezuela, lies Guri Lake in the dense jungle highlands, home of the Peacock Bass; the bass with a “bad” reputation and especially a “bad” attitude. Your tropical adventure on the 2,000 square miles of impoundment, will challenge your fishing ability and tackle to the utmost. It is truly a bass angler’s fantasy with plenty of cover and plenty of action.

Lake Guri, VenezuelaAverage fish can weigh from 8 Ibs and grow upwards to 25 Ibs and more! One will often face other challenging fish as well; Piranha and Saber-Toothed Payara. These prehistoric fish can grow up to 30 Ibs.

Temperatures remain pretty constant year round and the fishing is good year round as well. Many of the camps have golf and tennis with first class lodging and air conditioning. Some of the upscale lodges even provide 18′ to 20′ Ranger Bass boats for traversing this expansive impoundment and what a luxury that is!

Tackle recommendations are like the big bass equivalent in the states with the use of medium heavy rods and reels packed with 20 to 25 lb line (be sure to bring extras). Suggested baits would be Spooks, Buzz Baits, Rattle Traps, Mepps Spinners and Crank Baits. Helpful tip: replace hooks and split rings on your baits beforehand with the heavy duty variety – standard hardware just does not hold up.

There are many well connected booking agencies and travel agents that can put you in touch with a camp to suit your needs and pocketbook. Many packages abound, so ask specific questions and tailor your adventure to your individual requirements.

Finally, do not forget your passport!

In most cases, bringing fish home or trophies to be mounted, can be a real hassle. Fish can be damaged or lost jumping from plane to plane, not to mention the aggravation of going through customs. Reproductions have really become the choice alternative, avoiding all the hassle and preserving the resource.

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