Lake Michigan, Illinois

Short of going to Alaska or British Columbia, lies at Chicago’s doorstep, the greatest Coho and Chinook Salmon fishing in North America. This universally sought after species has attracted Anglers world wide, not only because of their rarity, but because of their sportiness and rich table fare.

Lake Michigan also provides as an added bonus, trophy Rainbow and Brown Trout potential for every charter member on any given day. This varied fishery has become the envy of Salmon and Trout aficionados, not only by their size, but by their quantities as well. This highly regarded sport fishery extends from April through August and serves Chicagoans and tourists with a day of fishing pleasure unequaled anywhere. Whether a family outing or reunion is to be accommodated, corporate parties, or a group of avid Salmon and/or Trout trophy hunters, fun will be had by all.

Illinois harbors many charter boats and captains, but depending on the season and water temperature which can be a most critical factor in the Salmon equation, certain geographic locations in the state can be better than others. Lodging can be made through the Chicago Chamber of Commerce by calling (312) 580-6900.Charter boats can be reserved with a date and a $200.00 deposit through Superior Sports Fishing by calling (312] 545-4044 or by faxing reservations and deposits to (312) 5454095.

All fishing tackle, baits and lures are provided. All the Angler is required to bring is rain gear, deck shoes, camera and an Illinois fishing license and Salmon/Trout stamp ($19.50) for the season or a one day fee of $10.00.

Rates for charter boats range from early season $300.00 per day to late season $380.00 per day (for parties of up to 6 people). Fish cleaning service is generally provided and these professional captains do a great job in preparing your catch for the table.

Professional taxidermy is provided for by Superior Sport Fishing in Chicago. Whether it be your actual catch or a reproduction, we can make arrangements to pick up your fish at the harbor and expedite your trophy for you the same day. If your fish is to be prepared to eat, take length and girth measurements before filleting or smoking and fax them to (312) 545-4045. Deposits can be submitted once dates have been confirmed.

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