St. Joseph, Michigan

The St. Joe area in southwestern Michigan offers a year round fishery for trophy Steelhead and King Salmon. From January through April and then again in October through December, river run Rainbow Trout traverse the St. Joe River with sizes ranging from 8 to 20 Ibs (many in the 12 to 15 lb range). This trophy fishery lies 95 miles from downtown Chicago and offers the sportsman the opportunity to experience the kind of Steelhead fishing only available in British Columbia or Alaska. The best part of this unique fishery is the sportsman’s ability to fish under any weather condition.

Salmon fishing generally comes into its own in the fall and as the Rings come, so do the Lakers. At this time of year, you never know what will hit, but rest assured it will be big! In the summer months, charters exit the river and head out onto Lake Michigan where Salmon and Trout abound in the colder depths of the Great Lakes. This year round fishery is like no other in terms of the variety, numbers and quality of Salmon and Trout available to the trophy fisherman.

One guide, if not the top guide, is Ken Neidlinger of Silverking Charters. With 25 years of experience on the river and lake, Ken is most accomplished with his understanding of seasonal fish movements. With a 20′ heated river boat, six fishermen can easily and comfortably fish under the most adverse conditions. A 30′ cruiser will allow comfort and enjoyment on the big lake as parties of up to six search out schools of Coho Salmon, Kings, Brown Trout and Rainbows.For available dates and reservations, interested parties can call (312) 545-4044 or fax (312) 545-4045 for bookings with Ken.

Rates on the Silverking Charters are as follows: on the “Joe” River, $50.00 per hour (for up to 6 people) and on the “Big” Lake, $60.00 per hour (for up to 6 people). Special rates are available for Jumbo perch on Lake Michigan. All tackle is provided for and other than a Michigan fishing license ($5.00 per day) and/or lodging, there are no additional costs or gear to purchase. Taxidermy services are available through Superior Sport Fishing, so if you are one of many who is lucky enough to capture one of these Great Lake beauties, leave your catch with Ken and we will provide pick-up service for you.

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