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Lake Fork, Texas

Lake Fork is located about an hour drive south of Dallas and is considered the ultimate Bass Lake in North America. It has consistently produced trophy Bass over 10 Ibs. for the last 7 years. The state record is 18 Ibs. with several hundred low to mid teens caught every year. Texas wildlife has done a remarkable job monitoring and controlling this fishery with the introduction of the Florida strain Largemouth Bass, or Fl’s.

Best seasons for Bass hunting on Fork are Spring (February through April) and again in the Fall (September through November). Early and mid-Summer seasons are also productive, but temperatures can get very uncomfortable for the Angler, however, the fishing can still be good.

There are many guides working Fork out of many of the marinas sprinkled around this 30,000 acre reservoir. One in particular that we have enjoyed fishing with and had great success with is Dennis Canada. He fishes out of a 150 H.P. Ranger Bass boat and knows the “Honey Holes” as well as anyone. His style is friendly and comedic and he has an intensity for finding big Bass that is unequaled. He works out of Lake Fork Marina or one can call him direct at (903) 973-8739.

Stout tackle and heavy line are a definite requirement on Fork as at any spot on any given day or given cast, a Wall-Hanger may lurk. Medium heavy rods with a minimum 20#line is a must.

Preferably, American made rods designed for big fish will suffice. This is one fishery one does not want to compromise the quality of tackle being used. Reels with beefed-up drag systems, yet smooth as silk, will go a long way in landing your trophy without heartbreak.

Lures are dependent on the season, but some standards are Plastic Worm and Lizards, spinner Baits, Rattle Baits and Cranks, as well as Carolina Rigs which are extremely effective. The “hot” color on Fork is red, whether in plastics, cranks or baits, Pumpkin and shad are close seconds, but be sure your arsenal includes plenty of red.

Guide rates fall between $200.00 and $250.00 per day (for 2). This rate includes a full day, usually 6:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M., so one generally get his money’s worth. Extras include buying lunch for the guide, motel costs ($35.00 – $45.00 per night) and Rent-A-Car from Dallas if flying in is the transportation of choice. As far as tipping is concerned, let judgment be your guide as to how the experience and your enjoyment of the day played out. Fishing licenses are a necessary expense, but worth the $15.00.

Catch and release is the order of the day on Fork. Though it is not the law, maintaining the trophy character of this fishery is a priority on everyone’s mind. Trophy reproductions are the viable alternative and at Superior Sport Fishing, we can help you expedite your trophy memories with just length and girth measurements and a good photo.

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